Benefits of AAA Membership

AAA Membership BenefitsFew activities in life are as much fun as a road trip. Unfortunately, few activities can result in as much hassle and aggravation when something goes haywire. A road trip can be ruined by so many issues — like an empty gas tank, a broken-down car and overpriced hotels, to name a few.

One solution? AAA. The organization has been around for more than a century, and your dad probably swore by them. You may think the membership isn’t worth the money, since you service your car regularly. However, AAA membership comes with a number of benefits you may not be aware of that make it worth serious consideration.

Significant discounts on hotel stays

Knowing the benefits of a AAA membership may have you pulling out your card even when your car is working just fine. Mentioning your membership when you book a room can often get you a discount. Some chains even advertise that they offer special discounts to AAA members.

Deals on all sorts of goodies

In addition to discounts on hotel stays, your AAA membership can score you significant savings when you’re dining out or visiting various entertainment venues such as concerts and plays. Saving on car rentals is another major benefit; anyone who’s had to pay for their own rented ride knows how pricey it can be. AAA membership benefits can save you money in a number of categories during your vacation or business travel.

Peace of mind in unfamiliar areas

You’re on the road late at night in an unfamiliar area when you see smoke coming from the hood. Besides cursing, what do you do? For most people, the biggest benefit of AAA membership is peace of mind that you won’t panic in that situation. You simply pull out your card, call the 800 number and wait for help. For most people, that feeling of reassurance is well worth the annual fee.

24/7 help with car trouble

Many car issues can throw a wrench into your plans but are fairly minor in the grand scheme. AAA membership includes 24/7 roadside assistance, which can take care of issues like a flat tire or empty gas tank on the spot and with minimal hassle. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

Towing assistance

The need for towing doesn’t happen very often, thankfully, but when you need it, you need it immediately. It’s also a service that few people consider in advance, and when the need arises, they’re left Googling on their phones to find a tow truck. One of the benefits of AAA membership, depending on the membership level, is towing services. You’ll still have to endure the aggravating wait, but at least you know who to call when the inevitable problem occurs.

Loyal AAA customers say the benefits of AAA outweigh the costs for them. Peace of mind, towing, 24/7 help with car trouble and numerous travel benefits make the membership a must-have for many motorists.