Everything Your Need To Know About Online Driving Schools

As technology progresses, people are able to complete more and more of their day-to-day tasks online. More specifically, there has been an explosion in the availability of online education programs. Online courses have allowed instructors to reach wider audiences and have given people who formerly lacked access to education, direct access.

When it comes to online driving schools, availability varies from state to state. This is mainly due to the different driver’s ed requirements that one must meet to obtain a license. For example, in the State of Texas, you can take your entire driver’s ed course online and meet the state guidelines to obtain your license.

In the State of Maryland, the driver’s ed requirements are slightly more strict. Unfortunately, you cannot take an entire driver’s ed course online that will meet the requirements to obtain your license. The state requires you to take a class in person, have one-on-one in car training with a professional driving instructor, and pass an in-person driving test to obtain your license.

There are though, two classes that you can take online in the State of Maryland. At Elite Driving School, we offer an online Maryland Driver Improvement program and a Maryland Alcohol & Drug Education program.

What is the Maryland Driver Improvement Program?

Driver’s often take this course to show they are being proactive prior to attending a traffic court date. Traffic violators that have 3 to 5 points on their license are also required to take a Maryland Driver Improvement program.

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What is the Maryland Alcohol & Drug Education Program?

Drivers that have an international license are often required to take a 3 hour drug and alcohol program called Safe & Sober. The first part of this course is online, followed by an in-person exam.

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