Maryland Defensive Driving

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Elite Driving School offers a comprehensive defensive driving program. This program is a great resource for individuals or companies with fleets, who want to promote safety, refresh driver awareness, and show drivers how to stay safe on the road. This driving course includes approximately 2.5 hours of classroom education. It can be taken as is or tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. Topics to be cover include:

Basic Laws:

Review current laws that may not be known and fines that could be incurred, including texting, seat belts, 4-way stops as disabled traffic lights, etc.

Basic Maneuvering:

Show the difference between the length and width of the vehicles being driven on the job and passenger/SUV vehicles that are driven in personal situations.


  • Pre-entry check to make sure the vehicle is safe to drive
  • References within the vehicle to judge spatial areas
  • Mirror setting to enhance a blind-spot reduction
  • Proper way to check for gaps including head checks before leaving the curb or making lane changes, and approaching intersections
  • Proper use of parking brake
  • Proper backing techniques
  • Review of lines, signs, and traffic control devices
  • Interacting with other vehicles on the road
    • Train tracks
    • School busses
    • Tracker trailers
    • Emergency vehicles

Search, Evaluate, Execute:

Expecting the unexpected from others on the road, preventing accidents, leaving enough time to eliminate unnecessary risks.


Using Your Eyes Effectively

  • Driving maneuvers
  • Left turn at intersections
  • Lane changes
  • Blocked travel path
  • Passing — when it is allowed?
  • Shared left turn lane


Eating, texting — addressed above.

Time management