Recap of Summer Driving Tips 2017 from the NHTSA

If you’re unfamiliar with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), they are an organization that conducts an immense amount of research aimed at making America’s roads safer, finding data to improve driver safety, and discovering ways to better communicate safety tips to drivers. We value their research and insights quite a bit. They’ve recently released their 2017 Summer Driving Tips.

2017 Summer Driving Tips Overview

The NHTSA’s article on summer driving tips covers a lot of valuable information. From a pre-driving checklist, to dealing with children, and tips for actually being on the road, they cover it all.

Before you go

The NHTSA suggests you do the following before you hit the road this summer:

  • Get Your Car Serviced

    Having your car ready to handle the heat and wear and tear of the summer is extremely important.

  • Check for Recalls

    Even though manufacturers should notify you of any, the summer is a great time to check for any news on recalls for your vehicle.

  • Go Over Your Vehicle Safety Checklist

    From checking your tires to your fluids and AC, the NHTSA covers it all.

Safety First

When it comes to safety, the NHTSA highlights:

  • Buckling Up

    An obvious safety issue, but people still die from not wearing one.

  • Protecting Children

    Some extra tips on driving safe with children.

On the Road

If you’re ready to hit the road, the NHTSA suggests the following:

  • Staying Alert

    How to handle road trips and driving with children.

  • Sharing the Road

    Some friendly reminders on what you should look out for while driving.

  • Avoiding Risky Driving Behaviors

    Some tips on how to protect yourself by being proactive.

All of the above topics are extremely valuable to understanding the best ways to drive safe during the summer. If you’d like to read more on any of the above topics, please visit the NHTSA website to read the entire article or download the PDF here.