How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Whether you wind up using it or not, car insurance will be one monthly bill you will have for as long as you’re driving. Last week, we put together a list of top cars for teen drivers in 2017. It made sense to us to follow up that blog post with the different car insurance discounts you can use to save money on your monthly bill.

Accident Free Discount

This is a discount you won’t earn right away from your car insurance provider, but it’s motivation to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel (not your phone!). Most car insurance providers will offer a discounted rate after a couple of years of accident free driving. If you’re unsure if your car insurance provider offers this, just ask!

Away From Home College Student Discount

Many college students wind up moving away for college and don’t bring their car with them. This means, for the most part, they will be driving mostly just during the summers when they are back home. Some car insurance providers will provide a discount for this because driving less means you’re less likely to get in an accident.

Good Student Discount

That’s right, if you get good grades, you get good insurance rates. Many insurance companies offer 10, 15, even 25% off their rates for students with good grades. The good news is the discounted rate lasts even after you graduate college and up until you’re 25.

Multiple Vehicle Discount

It’s probably not surprising to hear, but most car insurance companies want you to use them for all of your vehicles and all of the drivers in your household. If you do this, you’re likely in line for a fairly significant discount. In addition to multiple vehicles, some insurance companies also offer further discounts when home and life insurance policies are also with the same company as your car insurance provider.